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Where To Buy Chopped Ham

Chipped chopped ham or chipped ham is a processed ham luncheon meat made from chopped ham. Chopped ham is a mixture of ham chunks and trimmings and seasonings, ground together and then packaged into loaves. By chipping or shaving the meat loaf against a commercial meat slicer blade, the resultant thinly sliced product has a different texture and flavor[1] compared to thickly sliced ham. In western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio, the slicing process is also referred to as "Pittsburgh style".[2]

where to buy chopped ham

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Sometimes the chopped ham, once chipped, is mixed and heated with barbecue sauce before it is made into a sandwich. In the Pittsburgh region, sandwiches of "ham barbecue" or "barbecued chipped ham" are commonly served at home and available at lunch counters.[2] The chain Isaly's helped to popularize chipped chopped ham.[1][2]

Chipped chopped ham reached a broad audience in the post-World War II era when it was heavily marketed as a luncheon meat suitable for packed lunches. Former United States Army soldiers likened it to Spam, to which they had grown accustomed while in the army. Its popularity has been furthered by its relatively low cost per pound.

First off, it's super easy to make. If you can find chopped ham and bottled Isaly's BBQ Sauce at your grocers, this is essentially a 2 ingredient recipe. This BBQ sauce is uniquely suited for the chipped ham. It's a bit more on the thin side and vinegar forward. If you can't find this BBQ Sauce, no worries. I have a homemade recipe below for Isaly's BBQ sauce that's a dead ringer for the original, made from common ingredients you probably already have in your pantry and fridge.

Ham, in general makes a wonderful party food whether you go for a spiral sliced ham or elevate it like in these fabulous Sauerkraut Balls, my favorite Ham Hash, these fun Ham and Swiss Deviled Eggs, or these easy BBQ chipped ham sandwiches. Chipped ham sandwiches are the are also easy on the wallet because chopped ham is an economical deli choice.

According to Allrecipes, the ham must be chopped, meaning the meat is a combination of ham, ham trimmings, and seasonings. The mixture is ground together and molded into a rectangular shape with rounded corners, creating a sort of loaf. This loaf is then sliced thinner than paper (or chipped), creating a very fine textured meat that, honestly, often falls apart when handled, per blog Brown Eyed Baker. The style originally became popular because it was more economical than buying a standard cooked ham. The most popular way to eat chipped chopped ham in the Pittsburgh region is to make ham barbeque, which is basically the ham heated up with barbeque sauce. The concoction is then served on a bun, per Good Food Pittsburgh.

Biting into a sandwich made with chipped chopped ham is different than eating a regular ham sandwich. First off, the texture is noticeably different. The chipped chopped ham is so fine and thin that people tend to pile it on bread for a tasty sandwich. The meat is tender, not semi-firm like a leftover slice of Smithfield ham.

This style of ham is so popular in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia that most deli counters there will have chopped ham already chipped up for customers. If this doesn't sound like your regular deli counter, have no fear. You can ask the person working the counter to "chip" whatever kind of ham (chopped or not) is available and that you like. If they look confused, just explain that you want it sliced as thinly as possible. Allrecipes advises that, while you can use any kind of ham for standard deli sandwiches, if you want to experience ham barbeque, it's chipped chopped ham you want to look for.

When you walked in you felt like you were going back in time. The wall was lined with glass cases which housed their famous ham chipped chopped to perfection, as well as their dairy products. Their most famous ice cream flavor was white chocolate cherry. Boy, was it good.

This zippy chopped ham salad will have your family looking forward to leftover ham! Not your average sandwich spread, this chunky salad makes for a perfect appetizer with crackers or a delicious sandwich on your favorite bread. Never wonder about how to make the best ham salad again!

Also called Deviled Ham Salad, this recipe is made with ground or chopped ham with sweet pickle relish and mayo and is amazing on sandwiches or crackers. You know what my favorite thing about baking a ham is? Using the leftovers! I love making a big ol' pot of Ham & Beans and making Ham Salad!

Chipped chopped ham, or chipped ham, is a processed ham lunch meat made with ham chunks, trimmings and seasonings that is ground and packed into loaves. That loaf is chipped, or shaved, against a deli slicer blade for thin slices. These thin slices are often pan-fried in barbecue sauce and placed on a bun to create a delicious, regional sandwich. 041b061a72


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