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Ezekiel Walker
Ezekiel Walker

Happiness In Hard Times: How to Find Joy and Peace in Any Situation (Free PDF)

214. our times require us to look beyond the visible, social reality. we need to recover a sense of the invisible reality of the kingdom of god, the reality of which the kingdom is the visible sign and the proclamation. the kingdom of god has not vanished; it has not disappeared with the disappearance of the visible signs of the church. on the contrary, it is manifested in a world which is disfigured by sin and its consequences. the church does not proclaim the kingdom of god because it is not yet present. its proclamation only points to the kingdom of god which has already come to us through the love of god in the life and death of jesus christ. the kingdom of god has arrived in the church because it has been proclaimed in the church. it is present in the church and the church is present in the world. [196]

Happiness In Hard Times Pdf Free 33

7. once we have found the path of the cross, once we have grown in love with him, we can truly discover the secrets of the universe, the mystery of the universe, the mystery of history, the mystery of time, the mystery of being and of becoming. we will then discover a new life, a life of joy, a life of love, a life of freedom, a life of generosity. and this will become the light by which we can live and which will illumine the whole of our life and give meaning to our work. we will see that a person is not just a thing or an object, but that we are persons in whom god is present, persons who receive grace and mission; we will find our vocation in the hands of god. this is the meaning of the grace of the holy spirit. it is to enlighten us, to make us persons of the truth, persons who are called by god to proclaim the good news, persons who are living the good news, persons who are participating in god's goodness, joy, peace and salvation.


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