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Vuescan 9 X32 Serial Number 13: The Ultimate Guide to Scanning Like a Pro

VueScan is intended to work with a large number of image scanners, excluding specialised professional scanners such as drum scanners, on many computer operating systems (OS), even if drivers for the scanner are not available for the OS. These scanners are supplied with device drivers and software to operate them, included in their price. A 2014 review considered that the reasons to purchase VueScan are to allow older scanners not supported by drivers for newer operating systems to be used in more up-to-date systems and for better scanning and processing of photographs (prints; also slides and negatives when supported by scanners) than is afforded by manufacturers' software.[7] The review did not report any advantages to VueScan's processing of documents over other software. The reviewer considered VueScan comparable to SilverFast, a similar program, with support for some specific scanners better in one or the other. Vuescan supports more scanners, with a single purchase giving access to the full range of both film and flatbed scanners, and costs less.

Vuescan 9 X32 Serial Number 13

You can purchase two Editions of VueScan - Standard or Professional - but there is only one file to download. After you purchase and enter a serial number, the Standard Edition or Professional Edition features are enabled.

My comment isn't about vuescan and SilverfastBut for my use, scanning many dias images form 1960-1980 I scan at 1200 dpi. I actually think Epson Scan software works better than vuescan. And easy, a simple as set the options you like save as a scan profile hit prescan check everything looks as expected. Hit the scan button wait 2 minutes, open cover, replace the 4 images close lid, hit scan without doing anything else and repeat. For my setup vuescan did a bad job with cropping. I'm using i Epson v600

I'm surprised the author dissed Epson Scan for its auto-cropping. I happen to be scanning some older negatives at the moment, and to select custom crop, in the Preview panel select "Normal" instead of "Thumbnail" and you'll see your strips of film scanned with no separations. Then just crop the first frame as you like (presumably showing a bit of frame edge), then click on the copy button and use the copied frame to crop your next frame. Repeat for all your frames. If you have auto-numbering enabled, the first frame you crop will be the first-numbered frame in your scans. Just as you wouldn't choose auto-exposure for your scan settings, why would you leave cropping to the program?I am using a Vuescan trial, the dust reduction is in no way comparable to the Epson Digital ICE.


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