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Secret Garden Full Movie Tagalog Version Ending Friendship

Secret Garden: A Korean Drama That Explores Love and Friendship

Secret Garden is a popular Korean drama that aired from November 2010 to January 2011 on SBS. The drama tells the story of Kim Joo-won, a wealthy and arrogant CEO, and Gil Ra-im, a poor and humble stuntwoman, who fall in love despite their different social statuses. However, their love is tested by a mysterious incident that causes them to switch bodies every time it rains.

The drama has been praised for its romantic comedy, fantasy, and melodrama elements, as well as its stellar cast and soundtrack. It has also been dubbed in various languages, including Tagalog, which aired on GMA Network in 2012. The Tagalog version of Secret Garden has gained many fans in the Philippines, who enjoyed the witty dialogue, the cultural references, and the chemistry between the lead actors.


The Ending of Secret Garden

The ending of Secret Garden is both happy and sad, as it wraps up the main plot and the subplots of the drama. The main couple, Joo-won and Ra-im, finally overcome their obstacles and get married. They also have three children, who inherit their parents' body-swapping ability. However, they also face a tragedy, as Joo-won's cousin and Ra-im's friend, Oska, dies in a car accident. Oska was a famous singer and actor, who had a complicated relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Yoon Seul. He sacrificed his life to save Seul from a stalker, who tried to kill her.

The ending of Secret Garden also shows the fate of the other characters, such as Joo-won's mother, who accepts Ra-im as her daughter-in-law; Ra-im's father, who passes away peacefully after seeing his daughter happy; and Joo-won's secretary, Kim Sung-oh, who falls in love with Ra-im's friend and colleague, Im Ah-young.

Why Secret Garden is About Friendship

Secret Garden is not only about love, but also about friendship. The drama depicts the bond between Joo-won and Ra-im, who support each other through their hardships and challenges. They also learn from each other's perspectives and experiences, as they switch bodies and live each other's lives. They grow as individuals and as a couple, as they overcome their prejudices and insecurities.

Secret Garden also shows the friendship between Oska and Joo-won, who are cousins and rivals. They often bicker and compete with each other, but they also care for each other deeply. They help each other with their careers and love lives, and they share their secrets and worries. They also have a lot of fun together, as they tease each other and make jokes.

Another friendship that is highlighted in Secret Garden is between Ra-im and Ah-young, who are best friends and co-workers. They are always there for each other, whether it is to give advice, to comfort, or to cheer up. They also share their dreams and passions, as they work hard as stuntwomen. They are loyal and honest friends, who are not afraid to speak their minds.


Secret Garden is a Korean drama that explores love and friendship in a creative and entertaining way. It has a captivating story, a talented cast, and a memorable soundtrack. It also has a Tagalog version that appeals to Filipino viewers, who can relate to the humor, the culture, and the emotions of the drama. Secret Garden is a drama that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon.


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