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Show Wins and Other News

Check back often for updates!

Indiana Collie Club 
May 15-16, 2021

We had a great time at the Indiana collie specialty.  Lots of beautiful dogs and some tough competition.  

Thank you judge Misit Labs:

Select Bitch to Ch Windancer Taiaut These Dreams to complete her grand championship.

Select dog his first time out as a special to new Ch County K Aren't U Special

Thank you judge Mary Benjamin

Winners dog for Jolis Now You See Me, Now You Don't for his second major

Best of Winners, best of Best of Winners and best Bred-By to Jolis Diabolical for her first major at her first show!

Select dog for his second grand major to Ch Country K Aren't U Special

2021-05-16 14.53.34.jpg
2021-05-16 14.38.56.jpg
2021-05-16 10.18.15.jpg

Kansas City and Central Iowa Collie Club
May 7-9, 2021

Great time at the Iowa specialties.  Congrats to all the winners, quite a few new Champions!
Judge Candy Ardizonne
Winners Dog Jolis Now You See Me, Now You Don't(Houdini)
Winners Dog for Country K Aren't U Special(Archie) for his second major.
Judge Amy Gau
Best of Winners for his first major to Houdini
Reserve Winners dog for Archie
Judge Linda Tefelski
Best of Winners for Houdini
Winners for Belleville Creekwood I'll Be Damned (Scarlet)
Best of Winners to Archie for his third major to finish!
Judge Roxann Heit
Winners Bitch to Scarlet, only needs a major and a few singles to finish
Select bitch to Ch Windancer Tauait These Dreams for a major towards her grand

2021-05-07 18.15.46.jpg
2021-05-08 12.16.37.jpg
2021-05-08 16.29.22.jpg
2021-05-09 12.50.18.jpg
2021-05-09 11.35.48.jpg

Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club

While I was having a great time in Iowa, my friend Jordan took a few of the collies to the local all breed.  
Judge Janet Bodin
Best of Winners Creekwood Clearvu I'll Be Delighted (Delilah)
Reserve to Jolis Serendipitous with Co-Owner Sarah Foster
Reserve winners for Creekwood Sunsational, Brinkley needs just a few singles to finish
Judge Ronda Bermke
Repeat for the smooths except this time Delilah picks up her third major! She needs just two singles to finish
Brinkley reserve winners again
Best of Winners for Chathams Memory Keeper, Scout just needs one more point to be a champion!

2021-04-01 10.20.09.jpg

Collie Club of Minnesota/Land O'Lakes Kennel Club
April 30-May 2

Still pretty exhausted from the National, I took Country K Aren't U Special, Archie, up to Minnesota for some warm up shows before the big specialties.  He more than impressed the judges, winning two of the three shows for 4 more points towards his championship.

2021-04-27 19.57.18.jpg

Collie Club of America

Cheyenne, WY
April 20-24,2021

It was a whirlwind at the collie national!  So many beautiful collies and so great catching up with old friends and new.  We did great in the ring as well with most of the dogs presented placing in their classes.

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