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Ezekiel Walker
Ezekiel Walker

Cbr 600 F 2008 Scheda Tecnica

Hello everyone! :)I justed wanted to say that I have bought Suzuki GSX 650F (2008 model) as my first bike! :) Partially thanks to article :)I actually got my education on Ninja 600R, but i find it quite nervious and very light weighted...Suzuki, is very balanced, very stable, i feel very safe having the weight under me :)It is very calm, i am able to release the gas without any problems and keep going... i am actually used to keeping my right hand free more than the left one - cougld't do that with Ninja.GSX650F is yet quite powerful, it was always able to get me going fast! Aceleration is a blast ! and i am still running within the first 1000km, so i can't go up in to the high revs...but i must say, this bike forgives you the wrong gears, and i am able to drive on 4-5th gear about 40 km/h without realizing may be a little bit heavy for newcommers, or short people...but it has really grown on me...I have stoped feeling it after about 100 km. It was heavy on the feet though, at the first week. But i did manage to do the figure of 8 and etc for the driving exam on kawasaki 600R without anyproblems on the first go after driving Suzuki...Sure GSX650F is not very agile, but on the motorway it is extremely pleasent to drive, and even in the city it takes the curves great! it is just not light enough for traffic madness...but maybe, it's just me not being skilled enough.Breaks are great, and the engine aids a lot in stopping power. Plus you feel almost no vibrations from the total - GREAT bike, i love it. I actually bought it without ever trying it...and i was pleasently surprised!The funny thing is: At first my driving instructed said it was a bad idea getting a big bike as the first...he said it is too clumsy, too big for the i gave him to try it for 30 minutes in the city traffic. And he told me that when i decide to sell it in the future...i should talk to him :) Haha ha He was very impressed with it too...And just if you are interested ...why km and all...I am Russian, and I live and drive in Italy :)PS: i was considering Yamaha too...but i saw a FZ6R crashed on the day i was getting a motocycle...and i thought it was a bad sign...PSS: GSX650F is not a common bike...which means that it is less likely to be stolen. Cause here a lot of motorbikes are stolen and then sold for parts at the black market...especially this is common for popular models....I will be glad if someone finds my comments usefull.- oh...GSX650F also has a fuel and gear gauge...very useful to me :)

cbr 600 f 2008 scheda tecnica


Can you believe it, I switched from a 1100 Honda Sabre cruiser to this 2008 GSX650F. After 1500 miles I love every second riding this bike. Handling, braking, gas mileage and everything else I can think of is better on this bike. I've added a center stand and mirror extenders. Fun factor for me is way off of the charts. One small request, Suzuki should of made it easier to drain front oil and replace.

Estas são as especificações técnicas da Honda CB 600F Hornet, também conhecida como CB600F Hornet, Hornet 600, dos anos 2008, 2009, 2010 e 2011. Apesar de nossos esforços para manter dados precisos sobre todas as motos, não podemos nos responsabilizar por eventuais informações incorretas. Use por sua conta e risco.


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