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Notes In Business Law By Fidelito Soriano Pdf 21

Notes in Business Law by Fidelito Soriano PDF 21

Business law is a branch of law that deals with the legal aspects of business activities, such as contracts, corporations, partnerships, taxation, intellectual property, and consumer protection. Business law is also known as commercial law or mercantile law.


One of the books that covers the topics of business law in the Philippines is Notes in Business Law by Fidelito Soriano. This book is intended for accountancy students and CPA reviewees who want to learn the basic principles and concepts of business law. The book has 987 pages and was published in 2011.

The book is divided into 21 chapters, each covering a specific area of business law. The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Law

  • Chapter 2: The Law on Obligations and Contracts

  • Chapter 3: The Law on Sales

  • Chapter 4: The Law on Agency

  • Chapter 5: The Law on Partnership

  • Chapter 6: The Law on Corporation

  • Chapter 7: The Law on Negotiable Instruments

  • Chapter 8: The Law on Insurance

  • Chapter 9: The Law on Transportation

  • Chapter 10: The Law on Intellectual Property

  • Chapter 11: The Law on Securities Regulation

  • Chapter 12: The Law on Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Chapter 13: The Law on Labor Relations

  • Chapter 14: The Law on Taxation

  • Chapter 15: The Law on Trade Regulation and Competition

  • Chapter 16: The Law on Consumer Protection

  • Chapter 17: The Law on Environmental Protection

  • Chapter 18: The Law on E-Commerce and Cybercrime

  • Chapter 19: The Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Chapter 20: The Law on International Business Transactions

  • Chapter 21: Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

The book provides a concise and clear explanation of the legal doctrines, rules, and cases that are relevant to business law. It also includes examples, illustrations, tables, charts, and diagrams to aid the understanding of the readers. The book also contains review questions, exercises, and problems at the end of each chapter to test the knowledge and skills of the readers.

The book is available in PDF format online. You can download it from [this link]. You can also read more about the book and its author from [Goodreads] or [John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University].

I hope this article helps you learn more about Notes in Business Law by Fidelito Soriano PDF 21. Thank you for reading.


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